AMG has selected WoundRounds© to Automate its Wound Management Systems

Schaumburg, IL   June, 2014   – AMG Integrated Healthcare Management, a leading provider of 15 long-term acute care hospitals and inpatient rehabilitation facilities, has selected WoundRounds® to automate its wound management systems. WoundRounds is used by AMG healthcare providers to improve the wound care and risk prevention process. WoundRounds’ point-of-care technology seamlessly collects wound data, drives creation of care plans, and automates wound documentation, reporting and communication across the care teams.

According to the CEO of AMG Greenwood Specialty Hospital, Jennifer Wallace-RN,BSN, “With our focus on enhancing patient well-being and enabling our exceptionally skilled employees, we recognize the value of WoundRounds in enabling our care teams to improve patient care and provide more proactive and preventive wound care.” She adds, “WoundRounds provides streamlining and standardizing of wound care across our multiple facilities. We are excited to leverage the benefits of WoundRounds for our patients, staff, facility and corporate management.”

WoundRounds CEO Mike Diamond says, “The partnership of WoundRounds and AMG allows both organizations to achieve shared goals of enhancing patient quality of life while delivering improved clinical and financial outcomes.”

About WoundRounds

WoundRounds is the point-of-care wound management & prevention solution enabling facilities to deliver better wound care in less nursing time with reduced risk exposure. Users of WoundRounds report higher revenues from increased patient census and case mix due to the time savings generated by the wound care automation system. In short, WoundRounds helps healthcare providers do more with less.