The Introduction of the Survey Cloud

From how easy it is to reach the ‘CALL’ button to how well nurses explain drug side effects, AMG Integrated Healthcare Management seeks to quantify and analyze every detail of the patient experience in order to improve care.

They’re not alone. Hospitals across the country are following AMG’s lead, adopting policies that define ‘patient-centeredness’ as a core institutional goal. Each understands that maximizing patient satisfaction is key; focus on a superior patient experience is central to superior performance and superior patient health outcomes. In the face of this reality, and spurred by new government mandates linking Medicare reimbursement to the effectiveness of treatment, many types of healthcare facilities have moved to retool and improve their patient satisfaction surveys.

But mailing paper surveys to patients, still the dominant method among American hospitals, suffers many drawbacks. It’s costly, wasteful and inefficient. Although heath systems spend millions each year on paper and postage for patient surveys, only about one-third ever return complete; the rest of the data is lost, and what finally arrives is days, sometimes weeks old.

Harnessing patient experience data is essential, but rarely easy. Fortunately, AMG is at the forefront.

Through partnership with HCXperience, Inc., AMG has transitioned from a paper-based survey collection process to a cloud-based one. Significant refinements to cloud computing systems mean that healthcare facilities now rely on them to collect, analyze and report a full spectrum of data. Now, this powerful functionality will be deployed to manage improvement of every facet of the patient experience.

With the introduction of The Survey Cloud, re-named from ‘HCXP’ to emphasize its cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) architecture, fully-customizable patient experience surveys will be administered on sleek tablet computers at the point of care in each of AMG’s 15 leading long-term acute care facilities.

By sharing benchmarked survey data in real time, doctors, nurses and administrators will be afforded unprecedented, dynamic and powerful means of managing care plans and improving patient outcomes.

According to the CEO of AMG Greenwood Specialty Hospital, Jennifer Wallace-RN, BSN, “Patient Satisfaction is a key determinant of quality of care and is the most important product we produce.  Our partnership with HCXperience allows us to easily capture the voice of the patient in real-time in the form of satisfaction surveys. The Survey Cloud provides us access to a variety of data needed to understand our strengths and weaknesses in order to identify targeted opportunities for improvement.”

HCXP, Inc. Founder Wayne Kelly says, “AMG and HCXperience, Inc. are ideally-suited partners in our effort to improve and enhance patient care. The Survey Cloud is an important player in the patient-centeredness revolution, which promises to deliver groundbreaking health, financial and institutional outcomes and performance. “

About AMG

AMG is a privately owned provider of post-acute health care services. Through 15 long-term acute care hospitals and inpatient rehabilitation facilities, AMG provides a continued acute level of care for patients suffering complex medical conditions. AMG’s inpatient rehabilitation facilities provide intensive physical rehabilitation to patients recovering from injury, illness, or surgery. AMG is dedicated to providing patients the most appropriate medical care and support to help them return to health.

About The Survey Cloud

The Survey Cloud’s point-of-care concept facilitates collection, analysis and instant reporting of benchmarked data from patient experience surveys. Our partners average a survey return rate of 94.2% and have eliminated key inherent drawbacks of costly, wasteful paper-based administration. We are accredited by the national Green Business Bureau and are committed to relevance, accuracy, effectiveness and security of patient data.

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Phone: 707-654-4297